China LID Jan/Feb 2009

Fammilies adopting from China LID Jan/Feb 2009:

Bailey Family (LID 1/22/09)

China LID Nov/Dec 2008

Families adopting from China LID Nov/Dec 2008:

China LID Nov/Dec 2007

Families adopting from China Logged in November and December 2007:

(LID 12/24/07) Cloutier's Journey to China

China LID Sept/Oct 2007

China adoption families logged in Sept/Oct 2007:

(LID 9/25/07) Journey to Eva

China LID Mar/Apr 2007

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China Families with LID Mar/Apr 2007:

March DTC Yahoo Grp
April DTC Yahoo Grp

(LID 3/8/07) Reagan's Ride Home
(LID 3/20/07) Baby Hoffman
(LID 3/20/07) Monroe Family
(LID 3/20/07) Journey to China for Kinsey
(LID 3/21/07) Fortune Cookie Dreams
(LID 3/23/07) Landis Family
(LID 3/07) Climbing the (Great) Wall
(DTC 3/23/07) Missy & Greg Go for #2
(DTC 3/26/07) arsenaultroy (Canada - in French)
(LID 3/28/07) Journal de bord de notre adoption (Belgium - In French)
(LID 3/29/07) Ladybugs, Motherhood, & Musings
(LID 3/29/07) Journey to Megan Jean
(LID 4/2/07) Kaylie's Journey (Canada)
(LID 4/4/07) Never Too Many
(LID 4/4/07) Mad Race for Macey
(LID 4/10/07) Wishing for Lia
(LID 4/11/07) God's Plan- Journey to China
(LID 4/14/07) Cady's Mei Mei Melody
(LID 4/16/07) The Sense in it All
(LID 4/5/07) Meili Lin
(LID 4/6/07) PG Longer than Elephants
(LID 4/16/07) Party of Four
(LID 4/17/07) Hunan Spice
(LID 4/20/07) Leonard Family
(LID 4/23/07) Love Takes you in
(LID 4/24/07) Mei Mei for Mallory
(LID 4/24/07) Lanterns and Lotus Blossoms
(LID 4/26/07) Awaiting Aislinn
(LID 4/26/07) Julianne (Canada - in French)
(LID 4/30/07) With six you get eggroll

China LID Jan/Feb 2007

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China Families with LID Jan/Feb 2007:

Jan DTC Yahoo Grp
Feb DTC Yahoo Grp

(LID 1/10/07) Journey to Sophia
(LID 1/11/07) Journey to Baby Pitino
(LID 1/15/07) Journey to Scarlett Paige
(LID 1/15/07) Journey to Natalie
(LID 1/18/07) Tennessee Shoemakers
(LID 1/28/07) Journey to Wee One Pfitzner
(LID 1/29/07) Chloe Makes 6
(LID 1/31/07) Heart's Giving Birth
(LID 2/1/07) Journey to Gracie
(LID 2/6/07) Seventh Diamond
(LID 2/8/07) Road to Rylie
(LID 2/20/07) The Adoption Road
(LID 2/9/07) Journey to Emily
(LID 2/10/07) ZiZoo
(LID 2/10/07) Journey of a Lifetime
(LID 2/15/07) Bethany of China
(LID 2/25/07) Journey to Olivia

China LID Sept/Oct 2006

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China Families with LID Sept/Oct 2006:

Sept DTC Yahoo Grp
Oct DTC Yahoo Grp

(LID 9/1/06) Hannah Ruth - Gift from God (*IFS Family*)
(LID 9/1/06) Journey to My Sunshine
(LID 9/3/06) Families Grow
(LID 9/4/06) Rees Family
(LID 9/4/06) Godins' Adoption
(LID 9/5/06) Life is Good
(LID 9/5/06) Mother, Mother Ocean
(LID 9/8/06) Buscando a Mei Ling
(LID 9/8/06) Journey to Allison
(LID 9/12/06) Journey to Mia Jade
(LID 9/12/06) Journey to Isabella
(LID 9/13/06) Little Maple
(LID 9/13/06) Lili-Bug
(LID 9/13/06) Waiting for Maya
(LID 9/18/06) Ava Joi
(LID 9/20/06) Slow Boat to China
(LID 9/21/06) Abby Mei
(LID 9/22/06) Five Allens
(LID 9/22/06) Waiting for Mari
(LID 9/28/06) Journey to Jamie
(LID 9/29/06) Journey to Emma Grace
(LID 9/29/06) Journey to Dragonfly
(LID 10/06/06) Journey to Emma
(LID 10/9/06) Journey to Isabel
(LID 10/9/06) M&M's and Oolong Tea
(LID 10/16/06) China Princess
(LID 10/17/06) Journey to Diana
(LID 10/18/06) The Chosen Family
(LID 10/18/06) God's Next Chapter
(LID 10/19/06) Katherine Anne
(LID 10/21/06) Skubella
(LID 10/24/06) Journey to Alicyn
(LID 10/26/06) Searching for Sophie
(LID 10/26/06) Once Upon a Time...
(LID 10/26/06) Journey to Jordyn
(LID 10/27/06) Askew Family Journey
(LID 10/27/06) Journey to Miranda Rae
(LID 10/27/06) Blessing that is Lia
(DTC 9/18/06) Journey Woman
(DTC 10/6/06) Adopting our Chinese Dream
(DTC 10/23/06) The Verners

China LID Nov/Dec 2006

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China Families with LID Nov/Dec 2006:

Nov DTC/LID Web Site
Nov DTC Yahoo Grp
Dec DTC Yahoo Grp

(LID 11/3/06) Sister for Sophie
(LID 11/8/06) Wooden Shoes and Chopsticks 2
(LID 11/8/06) Journey to Marissa Annie
(LID 11/8/06) A Mother's Place
(LID 11/8/06) Treasured Child
(LID 11/8/06) Journey to Melinda Ruth
(LID 11/9/06) Adoption 2.0
(LID 11/13/06) Defreses Journey
(LID 11/13/06) Chloe Paige
(LID 11/14/06) Silvers' Scoop
(LID 11/14/06) Meidyn's Journey Home
(LID 11/16/06) Stolpe Adoption
(LID 11/17/06) Oesch Journey
(LID 11/20/06) Red Thread to Ava Grace
(LID 11/21/06) Our Little Bundle
(LID 11/21/06) Skubella Family
(LID 11/22/06) Journey to Amanda
(LID 11/23/06) Forever Family
(LID 11/24/06) Jedi Name?
(LID 11/27/06) Journey to Kayla
(LID 11/27/06) Mama's Blog
(LID 11/27/06) Mazel Tov! It's a Girl!
(LID 11/28/06) Natolino Journey
(LID 11/28/06) Miller Adoption
(LID 12/4/06) Musings Boring Life
(LID 12/4/06) Journey for Emma Grace
(LID 12/6/06) Waiting for Pumpkin
(LID 12/6/06) Watch our family grow (Canada)
(LID 12/11/06) The Happy Hoppes
(LID 12/11/06) Westhaven Kids
(LID 12/12/06) Adam & Alicia
(LID 12/12/06) South Wales to Suzhou
(LID 12/13/06) Huckleberries & Rice
(LID 12/14/06) Journey to Olivia
(LID 12/14/06) Becoming Five
(LID 12/14/06) Andy and Susan's Journey
(LID 12/18/06) Invisible Red Thread
(DTC 12/15/06) The Longest Wait
(LID 12/18/06) Operation Tigerlily
(LID 12/19/06) Quest for Sara
(LID 12/21/06) Baby Jongsma
(LID 12/25/06) Contents of My Heart
(LID 12/26/06) Fortunately Family
(LID 12/29/06) Darcie
(LID 12/29/06) Priceless Princess (Canada)
(LID 12/29/06) Digging a Hole to China
(LID 12/30/06) Soaring to China
(LID 12/30/06) Jill Johnson
(LID 12/31/06) Little Ladybug

China LID May/Jun 2006

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China Families with LID May/Jun 2006:

May DTC Yahoo Grp
June DTC Yahoo Grp

(LID 5/8/06) Bryant Bunch
(LID 5/8/06) Nelson Family
(LID 5/10/06) Patrick's Adoption Blog
(LID 5/10/06) Dreaming of Diana
(LID 5/11/06) Awaiting Anna
(LID 5/12/06) June Makes Three
(LID 5/16/06) Seeking Sloan
(LID 5/16/06) Annie Heffernan
(LID 5/16/06) Journey to Jade
(LID 5/17/06) Journey to Kinsey
(LID 5/18/06) Waiting for Chloe
(LID 5/18/06) Bringing Home Brynn
(LID 5/18/06) Journey to Jasmine
(LID 5/18/06) Forks & Chopsticks
(LID 5/18/06) From Texas to China
(LID 5/19/06) Journey to Tya
(LID 5/19/06) DeFrates Family
(LID 5/19/06) Randy & Cara
(LID 5/22/06) Different Dirt
(LID 5/24/06) Letters to LuLu
(LID 5/24/06) Count Down to Grace
(LID 5/26/06) Estill Journey
(LID 5/29/06) A Mei Mei for Avery
(LID 5/30/06) Baseballs & Ballerinas
(LID 5/30/06) The Jade Road
(LID 5/30/06) Big Sky Baby Wach
(LID 5/31/06) Majewski Family
(LID 5/31/06) Journey to Sofia
(LID 6/2/06) Waiting for Baby Mia
(LID 6/2/06) Journey to Maizi
(LID 6/5/06) Johnson Journey
(LID 6/6/06) Longing for Lucy
(LID 6/6/06) Some Babies Come by Plane
(LID 6/7/06) Chasing Sadie
(LID 6/12/06) Jasmine's Shahk
(LID 6/13/06) Rick & Lorrin
(LID 6/13/06) Moonbeams & Mumblings
(LID 6/13/06) Moore Family
(LID 6/13/06) Journey for Jailyn
(LID 6/13/06) Meeting Daughter #2
(LID 6/14/06) Miles to Mia
(LID 6/14/06) Adventures of Kristen and Bryan
(LID 6/15/06) South Meets East
(LID 6/15/06) Ellie and Sagan
(LID 6/16/06) Gallant Family
(LID 6/19/06) Shelba
(LID 6/19/06) Spring Babies
(LID 6/19/06) Destinée vers Jade (Canada - in French)
(LID 6/20/06) Holt Family #2
(LID 6/20/06) Henderson Home
(LID 6/21/06) Journey with Magnolia
(LID 6/22/06) Journey to Summer
(LID 6/22/06) Journey of Love- Ella
(LID 6/22/06) Cromwell's Journey to Colby
(LID 6/23/06) Noelle Dreams
(LID 6/26/06) Journey for Madison
(LID 6/28/06) Love you forever
(LID 6/28/06) A Quiver Full
(LID 6/30/06) Gryffin's Mei Mei
(DTC 6/5/06) Journey to Iris
(DTC 6/30/06) Watassek Family

China LID Jul/Aug 2006

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China Families with LID Jul/Aug 2006:

July DTC SP Blog
July DTC Yahoo Grp
August DTC Yahoo Grp

(LID 7/3/06) For This Child...
(LID 7/3/06) Pickle Chatter
(LID 7/5/06) Just for Jillian
(LID 7/5/06) Awaiting Tesia
(LID 7/6/06) Awaiting Ally
(LID 7/6/06) Hunter Family
(LID 7/12/06) China Blog
(LID 7/12/06) Audience of One
(LID 7/14/06) LayDFrog
(LID 7/14/06) Journey to MeiLeigh
(LID 7/22/06) Tuininga Treasures
(LID 7/22/06) Journey to Maggie
(LID 7/22/06) Journey to Norah
(LID 7/25/06) Journey to Shelby
(LID 7/25/06) Journey to Audrey
(LID 7/26/06) Journey to Baby Ashlie
(LID 8/1/06) Liptacks & Ladybugs
(LID 8/1/06) Handsful
(LID 8/2/06) Journey to Sadie
(LID 8/2/06) Not in Kansas
(LID 8/3/06) Mark & Melissa
(LID 8/3/06) 2 girls 1 red thread
(LID 8/3/06) Jade Panda
(LID 8/8/06) Family Dreams
(LID 8/8/06) Journey to Haileigh
(LID 8/10/06) The B News
(LID 8/10/06) Journey to Isabelle
(LID 8/10/06) Ladman's Chinese Takeout
(LID 8/10/06) The Lane Train
(LID 8/11/06) Path to China
(LID 8/11/06) Journey to Isabelle
(LID 8/14/06) We are Family
(LID 8/15/06) Tawni Jo
(LID 8/15/06) Journey to Josie
(LID 8/16/06) Journey to Victoria
(LID 8/16/06) Lucy's Journey Home
(LID 8/16/06) Amy & David
(LID 8/16/06) Blackburn's Journey
(LID 8/29/06) Snow Monkey
(LID 8/29/06) Zen Mama
(LID 8/30/06) Journey to Brooklyn
(LID 8/30/06) Loud Secrets

China LID Mar/Apr 2006

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China Families with LID Mar/Apr 2006:

Feb/Mar DTC SP Blog
March DTC Yahoo Grp
March DTC SP Blog
March DTC Logo Store
April DTC Yahoo Grp
April DTC SP Blog
Singles Mar/Apr DTC Yahoo Grp

(LID 3/1/06) The Barkers
(LID 3/1/06) Butterfly Kisses
(LID 3/2/06) Chasing China
(LID 3/3/06) Jackie & Eric
(LID 3/3/06) Mia on our Minds
(LID 3/5/06) Meeting Maya
(LID 3/7/06) To China for Darci
(LID 3/7/06) Tate R Bug
(LID 3/7/06) Such Small Things
(LID 3/7/06) Kimchi & Dim Sum
(LID 3/7/06) Janie Irene
(LID 3/7/06) All About Emma
(LID 3/7/06) Unforgotten Daughter
(LID 3/7/06) Journey to Our Angel
(LID 3/8/06) Awaiting Ava
(LID 3/8/06) Journey to Ava
(LID 3/10/06) Meili Grace
(LID 3/13/06) The Shelton Family
(LID 3/14/06) Journey to Mei Mei
(LID 3/14/06) Pei Family Red Thread
(LID 3/14/06) Wall Family Adoption News
(LID 3/14/06) Bringing Home Emily
(LID 3/14/06) Journey to McKenna
(LID 3/14/06) Jon & Karen
(LID 3/15/06) Allie Grace
(LID 3/15/06) Jaden Elise
(LID 3/15/06) American Family
(LID 3/21/06) Wearing Party Pants
(LID 3/21/06) Red Velvet Cake
(LID 3/21/06) Mia's Journey
(LID 3/21/06) Red Thread to Emily
(LID 3/22/06) Our Asian Adventure
(LID 3/22/06) Faith Irene
(LID 3/22/06) Waiting for Hope
(LID 3/22/06) Journey of Hope
(LID 3/24/06) Down to This
(LID 3/24/06) Black Dog Running
(LID 3/24/06) Allison Pina
(LID 3/24/06) Pregnancy by Adoption
(LID 3/24/06) Adopting Kendra Kate
(LID 3/24/06) Mary Rose
(LID 3/27/06) Waiting for Kaylee
(LID 3/27/06) Our Little Tiger
(LID 3/27/06) Leilani Mei
(LID 3/27/06) Zoey's Journey
(LID 3/27/06) Waiting for Caroline
(LID 3/27/06) Journey to Mary Margaret
(LID 3/28/06) Keira Joy
(LID 3/28/06) Journey to Marissa
(LID 3/28/06) 3D's Journey
(LID 3/29/06) Promise of Aliana
(LID 3/29/06) Wohlford Babies
(LID 3/29/06) Journey to Larkyn
(LID 3/29/06) Lil Kramer (Emma)
(LID 3/29/06) Waiting on Emma (Kramer)
(LID 3/29/06) TBG Happenings
(LID 3/29/06) Middle of Adoption
(LID 4/3/06) Estok Journey
(LID 4/3/06) Journey to Della Grace
(LID 4/5/06) Jen & Lionel
(LID 4/5/06) Journey to Lady Bug
(LID 4/5/06) Journey to Annaliese
(LID 4/5/06) Fliss & Mike
(LID 4/5/06) Lady Buggin
(LID 4/5/06) The Appleton's
(LID 4/5/06) Bringing Jade Home
(DTC 4/8/06) Journey to Jamie
(LID 4/11/06) Paper Pregnant
(LID 4/11/06) Growing with Love
(LID 4/11/06) Hannah Rose
(LID 4/11/06) Journey to China Angel
(LID 4/11/06) Journey to Madison
(LID 4/12/06- IFS Family!) One House Adventures
(LID 4/12/06) Journey to Victoria Grace
(LID 4/17/06) Our Yangnu
(LID 4/17/06) Journey to Amelie
(LID 4/17/06) Surridge Family
(LID 4/19/06) Adding a P to the Pod
(LID 4/20/06) Road to Hana
(LID 4/25/06) Family Blend
(LID 4/25/06) Emma Rose
(LID 4/27/06) Alan & Christine
(LID 4/29/06) Journey to Sara Lin
(LID 4/29/06) Baby Franklin

China LID Jan/Feb 2006

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China Families with LID Jan/Feb 2006:

Jan DTC Web Site
Jan DTC SP Blog
Jan DTC Yahoo Grp
Jan DTC Logo Store
Feb DTC SP Blog
Feb DTC Yahoo Grp
Feb DTC Logo Store
Feb/Mar DTC SP Blog

(LID 1/13/06) Our China Miracle
(LID 1/16/06) Journey to Nora
(LID 1/16/06) Monahan Family
(LID 1/17/06) Journey to Ariel-Jadeyn
(DTC 1/23/06) One More Makes 4
(DTC 1/24/06) Journey to Kaelyn Olivia
(LID 1/25/06) Yearning for a Child
(LID 1/26/06) Journey to Lily
(LID 1/26/06) Wren's Story
(LID 1/27/06) Journey to Ally
(LID 1/27/06) Alyzabeth An
(LID 1/27/06) Caesar & Louie
(LID 1/27/06) Meili Grace Loman
(LID 2/6/06) Turnips & Carrots
(LID 2/6/06) Journey to Kavanna
(LID 2/6/06) Journey to Elena
(LID 2/6/06) Journey to Meisey
(LID 2/8/06) Becky to China
(LID 2/9/06) Sweet Little Willow
(LID 2/13/06) China Princess
(LID 2/13/06) Sophia Rose (password)
(LID 2/13/06) Walternatives
(LID 2/13/06) Mike and Rhonda
(LID 2/16/06) Nancy and Joseph
(LID 2/16/06) And Willow Makes 3
(LID 2/17/06) Ruby is Coming
(LID 2/17/06) Most Exciting Thing
(LID 2/17/06) Waiting for Flora
(LID 2/17/06) Giorgia Danette
(LID 2/17/06) Journey to MeiLi
(LID 2/17/06) Waiting for Lauren Elizabeth
(LID 2/17/06) Journey to Kaelie
(LID 2/17/06) Family of Four
(LID 2/22/06) Journey to Emma
(LID 2/22/06) Australia to China
(LID 2/22/06) Journey to Kaleigh
(LID 2/23/06) Journey to Taryn Joy
(LID 2/23/06) Marveling at Moss
(LID 2/24/06) VA China Monologues
(LID 2/24/06) Kelli in Portland
(LID 2/27/06) Waiting for Lexi
(LID 2/27/06) Journey to Mei Mei
(LID 2/27/06) Waiting for Our Little Princess
Here we are!!!!!! LID 2/27/06!!!!!!!
(LID 2/28/06) Red Thread to Josie
(LID 2/28/06) Bringing Mikayla Home
(LID 2/28/06) Dear Sam and Sophie

China LID Nov/Dec 2005

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China Families with LID Nov/Dec 2005:

November 05 DTC Yahoo Grp
November 11 Moons Site
December 05 DTC Yahoo Grp
December Little Friends Site
December 05 Logo Store

China LID Sept/Oct 2005

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China Families with LID Sept-Oct 2005:

September 05 DTC Yahoo Grp
Sept Moon Gazers Site
Sept Logo Store
October 05 DTC Yahoo Grp
October Autumn Dreams Site
Oct Logo Store

China Paperchasing

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China Families Paperchasing:


Click here for sites related to Ethiopian Adoption


Geller Family
Family Expansion
Adding Number 21
Our Ethiopian Journey
Beautiful Child
Adopting Morgan
Fairy Good Baby
Donald and Ginger (Home)
Fly Away Home
Meet Dawit (Home Feb 2006)
Raising Lucy (Home Feb 2005)
Aussieopian Family
Journey to Addis
Leave it to Avery
Nemo-Nema (Dossier to Ethiopia 10/4/06)
Dave and Sonya
Biggest Ethiopian Flag on the Block
White Family News (Home Jan 2007)
Big Sis Diaries (Referral Received 2/15/07)
Holding Still (Referral Received 2/23/07)
Finley Family (home)
Hennock's Story
Lynzaat's Trip (Home Jan 2007)
Heldt Family
Tale of 2
On the Fly
Journey to Family
Katie and Ryan
Hearts of Hope
The Montagues
Ethiopia or Bust
Building a Family
Nick and Holly (Home Feb 2007)
All in a Day (home)
B Happy
Heart in Africa
Sweet Like Honey
The Road to Addis
Crossing the Prairie
Bring Yenu Home
4 Kikstras
4 Little Birdies
5 McC Kids
6,160 Miles
Antenah's Page
Born At The Right Time
Bringing Home Little Z
Building the Ark
Carpenter's Children
Englands Go To Ethiopia
Family Found
Full House, Full Hands, Full Heart
Homeward Bound
Husing Adoption Report
It's Always a Production
Knutzen Ethiopian Journey
Large Family Momma
LDS Adoption Blog
Learning Patience
Leave It To Avery
Long Road Home
Mager Family Adoption Story
Westhaven Kids
My Journey to Family
No More Counting The Cost
No Small Feat
Not Quite Done
On The Road To Emmaus
Operation Ethiopia
Our Adoption Journey (Craig & Jaclyn)
Our Adoption Journey
Chocolate and Vanilla
Our Big Crazy Family
Our Ethiopia Adoption Journey (kerri)
Passport For Two
Raising Lucy
Raskell Party of Eight
red thread road
Reeves Family
Seeking Sprout
Selam with Cheese on Wry
Step By Step
Steppin' Heavenward
Taking the Scenic Route
Tale of Two Kiddies
The Family
The Making of A Mom
The Perfect Orange
Two More Waals
Van Vleet Family
Wendy & Trevor
White Family News
Without Child
A New Flower Blooms
Bringing Desta Home
Raskell Party of 9
No More Counting the Cost
Jen and Lionel


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Kazakh Adoptive Families Listing

Our Journey
Journey to Norah
By Chance...Or Not
Baby Todd (To Kazakhstan 10/10/06)
Journey to Kaz (To Kazakhstan 2/23/07)
Cochran Family
Baby B (To Kazakhstan 4/2007)
Decker Family (To Kazakhstan 4/2007)
Can you hear me now? (To Kazakhstan 4/2007)
David and Angie
Van Sant Family
Sarah and Andy
Our Kaz Story (Home 4/2007)
Cindy's Adoption Adventure
Adventures in Kazakhstan
Adventures in KazakhstanThe Weinmeister's
Adoption... for Fathers
Robert and Jen and a Son (to Kazakhstan May 2006)
Chronicles of Katie and Sarah (home)
The 5 McGills (home)
Woods Family Adoption


The U.S. Department of State urges American citizens not to begin an adoption in Guatemala at this time.

**9/27/07 News Release on Guatemala Adoptions from the Joint Council on International Children's Services (JCICS)

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Guatemalan Forever Families Network of North Carolina
Searching Katja (invited readers only)
Myah Grace (invited readers only)
Oliver Michael- Sophie Lu's Little Brother (home)
Parent Files (home)
Journey to Meredith (home)
Westhaven Kids (home)
Aleen and Ferdy (Home)
VanZanten Family
Journey to Isabelle (password)
Eloisa Joy (waiting for PGN)
A Life Outside the Box (home)
Waiting for Brody
Two Guatemalan Sisters (Home Sept 2006)
Adopting Ahren and PBJ
Michelle Smiles
Journey to Sophie
Journey to Xiabe (have referral)
Carlson adoption (have referral)
Alec and Ethan (virtual twins)
Journey to Abigail (have referral)
Journey to Gabriella Sofia (have referral)
Journey to Reagan (have referral)
Journey to Malea (home 2/11/07)
World According to Gabby(home!)
Journey to Sabrina (have referral)
Journey to Chloe and Joshua (have referral)
Journey to Sawyer (have referral)
Journey to Baby Adam (have referral)
Sunflowers and Ladybugs
Jesus was not a republican
Bringing Baby Sofia Home
Through My Daughter's Eyes
Journey with Liliana Continues
Artificially Sweetened
Annals of an International Adoption


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Adoption Adventure #3
Happy Girl(s) -Twins (Home)
Taiwan Treasure
Huang Kids
Hughes Journey to #2
Journey for Hannah Claire
Journey to Taiwan
Island Boy
Adoption Miracle
Journey to Sophie
Journey to Mia
Henderson's Journey
Humphry's Journey
Matt and May's Journey
A New Baby Sister
Adoption Dream
Ben and Bethany
Bringing Home Zoe
Daily Dose of Davis
Finding Kobi
I-Chwen and Kevin
Journey to Three
Kaylee Makes 3
Life with Landon
Love is a Place
Starring Jeremiah
Todd and Kristin
Together Forever
Lauren Ling
A Few Fries Short
Journey to Mya Min(Home 4/2007)
Taiwan Adventures Starring Jeremiah
Dim Sum, Bagels and Crawfish
Peter and Annie
Life Train
Can We Tawk (Home)
Ly Adoption Journey (Home)
Family Adventures (Home)
Over the Rainbow-Heart
Bringing Home Brother
Journey to Rudd
Story of Olivia


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New Beginning with Gracie (To Vietnam 7/9/07)
The Rees Family
Mother, Mother Ocean
Mrs. Broccoli Guy
A child from Vietnam
Payne Family Times
Bringing Home Beckett
Bringing Home Howie
Zak Makes 3
Journey to Cole
Baby Dylan
Baby Carley
Carlson Krew
Journey to Our Daughter
Mother, Mother Ocean
2nd Time Around (To Vietnam 2/23/07)
Davis Family Scoop (Home!)
Erinlo (Home!)
Bringing Home Zachary (Home!)
Tori's Adoption Journey
Perryman Adoption (Home!)
Bringing Home Sarah (Home!)
Our Precious Peace (To Vietnam 2/23/07)
Journey to Alejandro
Journey to Gracie
Journey to Lucy
Journey to Lacey
Journey to Rylie
Chosen Child, Alexia
Karin's Journey
Journey to Aaron
Colley Family
Ladybugs and Dragonflies (LID 4/16/07)
A Journey to Vietnam
A Mommy’s Journey
Adventures of Law Mommy
Adventures of Supermans Mommy
and baby makes five
Angelica’s Little Brother
Baby Brodt
Baby Ella’s Adoption Story
Baby Girl Sweets
Bring Home Lulu
Bringing Home Baby
Bringing Home Baby E
bringing home be
bunny’s mom
Chasing Dreams
Chocoholic goes to Vietnam
The Cracked Pot
Cupcake Chronicles
Days of The Dragon
Dear Sam and Sophie
Destination Motherhood (Home 4/07)
Dragonfly Chase
Fajitas and Pho
Finding Baby Jolette
Finding Gracie in Vietnam
From God’s Arms (To Vietnam 4/20/07)
Groucho’s Family
huh mama?
Jack Louis
Jillians Weblog
Jim and Jen Go To Vietnam
Journey to find our Vietnamese Princess
Journey to Jackson
Journey to Juneau
Journey to My Child
Journey to our Child
Journey to Our Kids
Journey to our VN Princess
Journey to Sarah
Journey to Van Lai
Journey to Vietnam
Journey to Vietnam (Tina-twins)
Journey to Vietnam (Katherine and Drew)
Kat and Colin’s Journey
7,474 miles
Lesley’s life
Life beyond the Ultimate
Life is But A Journey
Long Adventures
Looking for George
Looking for Lulu
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
The Miracle of Mia
Mommy’s Adoption Journey
My Blooming Rose
My Little Man from Vietnam
Munn Family Times
New Baby Race
ordinary time
Our adoption from Vietnam (MJ)
Our Adoption From Vietnam (Rob & Karin)
Our Adoption Journey (Tova)
Our Adoption Journey - Vietnam
Our Adoption Journey to Brooklyn
Our Family
Our Gift From God
Our Golden Child
Our Journey to Adopt from VN
Our journey to Paige
Our Vietnam Adoption Journey
Our Vietnamese Ladybug
Path to Our VN Sweeties
Patience Is A Virtue
Raising Animals
The Roth-Vinson’s Adventures…To Viet Nam
Sisters-Our Journey to Vietnam
Snips and Snails
Solbergs Squared
Strouders Go To Vietnam
The Road Less Traveled
The Road to Vietnam
This Is Now
Three Times A Mom
2 Girls Waiting
2 more to love
Vietnam Adoption Journey
Vietnam Or Bust!
Waiting for Buttercup
waiting for butterfly
Waiting for Laurna
Waiting for Our Son
Waiting For Zoe
Walden Baby
Just Enjoy Him
Our Little Miss Magic
Angelica's Little Brother
There's Always Room for One More


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Families Adopting from Thailand:


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Ukraine Forever Family
Baby Loesch (To kiev 4/4/07)
Jill and Robb (To Ukraine 6/14/2007)
Abella Family
Adopt Love
Warchol's (Home Dec 2006)
Patient Perseverance (Home)
Lambert Family (Home Feb 2007)
Finding Our Angel (Home Feb 2007)
Woods Family (Home Dec 2006)
Home and Back (Home Jan 2007)
Hall's Adventure (Home 12/31/06)
Kramarchuk Adoption(To Ukraine Feb 2007)
3 Journeys of the Heart
Art & Angie
Bringing Raisa Home
Drew and Rita
Eimers Family News and Photos
Georgina and Mark - Our adoption journey
Greyson's Adoption Journey
Kathy & Matt
The Jensen Family
John and Lucia
Mark and Courtney - Our adoption journey
Mississippi - Our Adoption Journey
The O'Haras
The Recke Adoption 411
Stahlke Adoption
Zack & Jenn - Finding Little Boy Dove
Andrews Adoption
Getting The Girls
Ukrainian Adoption Blog Horsch
The Pister Family
Laura & Ed
Lloyd, Joanne and Carlee
There and Back Again- Our Ukrainian Adoptions
The Abella Family
Chris & Andrea's Ukraine Adoption
Zickel Family Blog
Harris Treasure Hunt
Kiev Trek
Beth and Sig
Passanita Family Happenings
Sarah and Adrian Attwood
Bringing Khrystyna Home
Our Jordan Adventure
Benson Family-2-be
Diana and Warren - New Beginnings
Jon and Janell - Hope for a Future
sabatini adoption
Shona Darren & Ivanna...
Tom and Katrina Richardson Family Blog
Our Journey To Nolan
Carlisle Journey
Peckham Ukraine Adoption
Dale Richards
Stacey and David - Our Big Adventure
Les and Patricia - Found Our Angel
woods adoption journey
David & Louise Kulo
Claudine & Daryl's Adoption StoryElbert Adoption Journey
Randy & Debbie's Adoption Journal
Bringing Yuri Home
Dave and Tam’s Big Adventure
The Marshall Family Website
Quiram's Ukrainian Adoption
Stan and Terri Adoption Process
Lambert Family Adoption Blog
McIntosh Ukraine Adoption
Matt and Lisa Sicilian
Stephen and Candace Ukrainian Adventure
David & Kathie Schweickert
Dan and Julie Ukraine adoption
Woodlander Ukraine Trip
Patient Perseverance
The Halls Ukraine Adventure
Gary & Beverly's Blog
Baldwin - Our Ukraine Adoption Journey
Jay and Kelley's Ukrainian Trip
The Kissack Chronicles
Stan & Lydia's Adoption Adventure
THE WARCHOLS..a family finally complete!!
Falling for Ty and Zach
Kim & Brad - Our Adoption From Ukraine (Canadian)
Adoption en Ukraine - Mylène et Patrick (Canadian blog in French)
Bringing Oleg Home!
Bringing Home Dina and Sergey
Starbucks Loving Mommy
Minich Family Blog
Journey from Poltava
Over the Rainbow-The deVitry's in Ukraine
The Boylan's Ukraine Adoption Journey
The Dugas Family Adoption
From Home and Back, our Ukraine adoption journey
My Girls



Adoption Blog
Flying Off the Cliff
Luck Be A Baby
Crowned with Laurel
Chambers Adoption (took custody 3/1/07)
Born in our Hearts(Jan 2007)
Two Moms Adopting(Feb 2007)
Adopting through Foster Care
Finishing off my family
Trials of Trace
Fuzzy Pants
Adopting Emma
The Rest is History
Anne Girl
Away to Me
Finding Joy
Journey to Parenthood & Beyond
Pre-Midlife Crisis
This Woman's Work
Stranded on Infertility Island
Estranged Love - Empty Womb
Kirsten's Blog
And the rest is History
Life is a Banquet
Try Whistling This
Infertility Licks
Trials of Trace


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Families adopting from Russia:

Rhonda and Brian (Home 10/06)
Looking for Grace
Abbye Anne
From Russia with Love
Long Flight Home
SC Mountain Girl
Adopting Two
Wild and Crazy Ride
Bringing Home Bee
Life Before and After (Home)
Precious Gifts from God (Home)
Journey to Elena
The Road Home
His Hers and Ours
Chasing Insanity
Goeppner Adoption
Family Reunion
Always Wanted Four
Petro Journey (To Russia Feb 2007)
Lauren and Marco (To Russia Feb 2007)
3 Sons & a Princess
A Dad's Journey
Russian Adoption DVA
Unexpected Miracles (blog ended 3/07)
Voice of the Voiceless
Olive You
Journey to Leo (To Russia 2nd trip 3/8/07)
The Fisher's
The Daniel's
Adoption... for Fathers
Russian Adoption Journey
Rhyne and Jake
Journey to Matthew
Alesa and Jeff's Adopt-a-palooza
Alison and Jim's Adoption Journey
Life with Ivan (Home Jan 2007)
Six Blessings
Adventures in Oklahoma and beyond
Life with Cupcake (home)
Journey to Abbye and Anne
Bringing Home Bee
Traveling to Isabelle Hope (*IFS Family*) (special needs)
Our Adoption Journey